Thursday, January 7, 2010

From the beginning till now...

From the beginning.... (since I am just starting our pregnancy blog I will keep it short since it starts in June!)

~June 2009~

*6/30-started seeing a Reproductive Endo. Specialist (RE), ultrasound detected I have a thick lining on the top of my uterus which he said should not be a problem to TTC, ovaries looked good, blood was taken to check Progesterone level so that he could start me on Provera to start a period since I am irregular, and was given 2 months of Clomid to start helping me ovulate

~July 2009~

*7/1-was called the next day by my RE to not worry about taking the Provera because he could tell by my Progesterone blood level that my cycle was going to start within a week... He was right!

*7/14-started my cycle all on my own (answered prayer!)

*7/16-started taking Clomid for 5 days

*BD'd for the next couple of days...

*7/25-had my first follicle ultrasound done and none of the follicles were big enough for the surge shot

*7/28-had my second follicle ultrasound and still no follicles big enough for the surge shot, but nurse said to go ahead and take the shot on day 18 (7/31) just incase

No baby this time around... NEXT!

~August 2009~

*8/16-started cycle

*8/19-started 2nd round of Clomid for 5 days

*8/20-ultrasound at RE and follicles were still too small

*stopped going to RE because the 2 1/2 hr drive there and back was taking a toll on our cars and also I started college and just left it in God's hands...

*9/8-breasts starting hurting.. hmmmmm.. could it be or not??? hoping :)

*9/23-took a home pregnancy at church and it was +, called hubby in the bathroom and his response was "You are?!?!", called OB clinic to make appt for urine test to confirm

*9/24-went to OB clinic to confirm pregnancy, was called later that day to confirm + pregnancy and was told I was 5 weeks 3 days by my LMP

*9/29-had my 1st appt which was an orientation and lots of blood work, saw my midwife due to my breasts were a little lumpy but she said it was fine

~October 2009~

*10/1-had my 2nd appt with midwife for an annual pap and ultrasound, baby measured 5 weeks 5 days with a 90 bpm (5-6 weeks and the lovely morning sickness started at around 7 weeks)

*10/30 - had my 3rd appt with a OB dr since my midwife was delivering a baby, had an ultrasound done and saw baby kick and had a good heartbeat (10 weeks)

~November 2009~

*11/18-had my 4th appt with my midwife not only for a check up but the night before I thought I was spotting and I actually had a tear in my behind area from constipation but it scared me so I had her check (talk about embarrased!), she did another ultrasound due to my uterus being abnormal and we saw baby with a good heartbeat and a lil squirmy, referred to see a Maternal/Fetal Specialist for uterus and anatomy screening to have a Level II ultrasound (13 weeks and morning sickness started to subside except during the evening) **started feeling flutters**

~December 2009~

*12/2-went to the ER (you can't go to L&D till 20 weeks) due to feeling a little frequency when I would go #1, urine came back negative and was told to UP my fluids (I know it!), listened to the heartbeat and was sent to the OB clinic to talk to Dr. J and he went ahead and listened to heartbeat again :) made my day! (15 weeks)

*12/8-had my 5th appt with midwife, heard the heartbeat again and was sent to do blood work for Down Syndrome, etc...

*12/23-drove to Texas with hubby and dogs for Christmas and New Years and did pretty well with no swelling :)

*12/25-some family members felt baby a little bit

*12/29-saw my ex-boss/friend OB dr in Texas and he did an ultrasound for me, my sister, my step son J, my niece and nephew :) baby was facing my back

~January 2010~

*1/6-had my Level II ultrasound with my Maternal/Fetal Specialist, WE ARE HAVING A GIRL, anatomy screening passed with flying colors thanks to my Lord and Savior who I depend on daily :)

I prayed Hebrews 11:1 constantly and He heard my prayer and it was all in His timing!